It's been my goal to share the entire game of golf with people who are interested in having fun, learning and playing their best on the course.  I've had so much fun teaching and coaching the game through a student specific learning enviornment.  I was in Phoenix last week for our annual Proponent's Group summit -which is a group of top 300 teachers.  This year's focus of the summit was on what the golf industry is now calling "coaching the game".  

I wondered what is the difference between "teaching the game" and "coaching the game"?  I had my thoughts but I wanted to understand - because I believe that golf is a fun game that is very individual.  It's a game or activity that is lifetime so your game grows with you.  Your swing is just a part of the game - there is so much more to learn such as "how to play" -"how to score on the course"
As a former LPGA Tour Player, I know the 4 steps to building your skills to play great golf.  They take time and commitment along with working with the teacher/coach.  Stick with the same method and coach!  

1.  Understanding your swing (cause and effect)
2.  You must practice it with supervised coaching 
3.  Transfer your training to the course -  bridge the gap from the range to the course
4. Apply your new skill while playing on the course keeping score - learning new conditions such as uneven ground conditions - playing in competition.  You will build trust and confidence.  

It's interesting that I had a wonderful golf teacher that taught me all about perfecting my swing and getting great ball contact.  But it was up to me how to transfer that skill to the course.  I did not have any help figuring it out except to watch other players who were better than I was and learn from them.  I was fortunate to figure it all out.  I wish I had that coach that could have prepared me.  

That's why I coach and teach you every aspect of the game and go on the course with you.  

My advice to you -  to learn the game of golf - Find a coach that will develop your golf skills and help you to transfer them to the course.  They will teach you how to play the game and not just swing the club.  

That's the difference from a teacher to a coach - You'll see results, enjoy the game and have so much fun!  I guarantee it!  

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