Getting Ready to Play Golf After A Winter To Remember! Spring Golf Is Almost Here!!

We've had a rough winter all over the USA (even here in Florida).  Spring is just around the corner for all of us.  We all can't wait!!!  We're going to be heading out to the practice range first, I hope.  Be sure to stretch first before taking a full swing.  Your tempo and sequence of motions through the golf swing has an effect on the golf ball's flight.  Here's a good way to slowly get your movement's in the right sequences which will help you quickly hit the ball consistently and eventually farther. 

There is not anyone that doesn’t want to hit the ball longer and straighter.  How can we achieve that?  Releasing the club at impact weakly is a common fault among players- you lose distance and typically you would slice the ball from a weak release.  The sequence of movements start with initiating your downswing with weight shift to your forward foot  then your forward hip rotating toward the target will give you two results – increased club head speed (distance) and keeping the club on swing plane ( direction).  


A drill you can use to increase your weigh shift and hip rotation is standing sideways to a target and throwing (if you are right handed) a ball underhanded to the left toward the target across your body. 


This should feel like you are skipping a stone in the water.  Start your weight shift to the forward foot first then follow with forward hip rotating; your arms and club will follow as you release the ball through to the target.  You will see increased speed and improved direction of your ball throw.  You want to keep your posture in a golf set up throughout this motion. 

This drill gives you the feeling of the release sequence of movements – your weigh shifting to the forward foot followed by the forward hip clearing or turning out of the way to make room for the ball and club to swing through.   Try it – the modern swing is designed to use your legs and abs for more distance.  You’ll soon see yourself hitting the ball farther and with more accuracy like the Dustin Johnson’s or Brittany Lincicome’s on both the PGA and LPGA tour’s! 

For more information, please take a look at  We're here to help you if you are a new player - enjoy learning how to play golf or an experienced player - how to reach your goals for this golfing season.  Golf is a lifetime game - have fun learning, playing with family and friends.  It's the journey that is fun and worth it!  Play Golf!

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