Course Management

When we speak of course management we mean: What club will I use? How far can I hit the ball?

Most people think about the physical side of hitting the ball but I feel like course management is more about applying your physical skills to problem solving situations that occur with each shot you encounter on the golf course.

A part of mental / psychological strength for golf is learning and developing course management skills. They are separate from the emotions and personality traits – ones emotions definitely play a part in course management.

Examples: perception, judgment, shot selection, special knowledge (weather conditions, course set up, rules, equipment), planning, club selection, preparation and pacing.

To improve your course management skills, I believe that you must create your own personal routine that you stick with throughout your game. Here's an example of my plan on how to score:

Rules of How to Score

1. Always have a procedure to a specific target.

2. Play each shot to the best of your ability at that moment.

3. When the shot does not work out for you, accept it, forgive yourself and forget, move on to play the next shot to the best of your ability at that moment.

4. Continue this procedure until all 18 holes are played.

5. Post your score.

6. After the round, praise your best efforts, then analyze your physical and mental mistakes, correct them in your mind, and the round is finished.

7. Compare yourself to no one else – only the golfer you know you can be realistically.

8. Repeat the procedure and post a new score, letting yourself learn, develop and get closer to meeting your goals and maximizing your potential ability.

9. Have fun always! It's a game that is ever changing like you!

10. If you like, contact me for instruction in Palm Coast or Jacksonville, Florida:

Mary Hafeman, PGA & LPGA Professional
2011 Northern Chapter, PGA North Florida Section Teacher of the
Golf for Women's Top 50 Teacher

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