How Do You Practice Golf?

It’s great to take lessons from a qualified instructor but you need to learn how to maximize that time you spend learning from that instructor. Here are a few thoughts for you to keep in mind:

1. Review the correct fundamentals at each lesson, as a former LPGA Tour player, I found this to be a consistent procedure among tour players. Since practice will form “good” and “bad” habits, establish a routine check, which includes: proper grip, stance, club head alignment, posture and alignment. Each swing should be an awareness of rhythm, timing and balance - the key factors in developing and maintaining a pattern or “groove”.

2. Select one or two areas of the swing that should be improved and concentrate on these. Remind yourself of what your instructor has helped you with in previous lessons. Keep a diary of previous lessons to refer to.

3. Plan each shot. Have a definite purpose in mind. Remember, the number of times you attain your mental goal is more important than the number of balls you hit. “Quality is more important than Quantity”.

4. Strive for consistency and accuracy. Select a target within the range of your capabilities and attempt to increase the number of balls landing or stopping in those target areas.

5. Attempt to keep the length of your practice time and intervals between practice periods relatively constant. It is important to create a routine.

6. Evolve a balance between practice and play. Learn and develop skills from lessons and work on them on the practice range. Practice testing those skills on the golf course. You will see results quicker.

7. Practice all phases of the game, not just the “trouble shots” nor in contrast with only you “favorite” clubs or on skills that seem to bring quick reward.

8. Make practice fun and set achievable goals.

Good practice habits go along way developing your game and your confidence in playing well. Proper practice and playing well is fun – experience it!

If you want to learn more contact Mary Hafeman via email or 904-233-0989. I teach golf in both Palm Coast and Jacksonville, Florida and can also be found at Mary Hafeman Golf Experience online.


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  2. Of all the sports I know, I think golf is what I love the most. This game is so addictive, not to mention the fact that it's also a form of exercise! I play every weekend with my friends, and we do get very competitive with it! Before hitting those swings, we do some stretching first in order to be flexible and to avoid straining the muscles.

    Sofia Karg