Tip for Club Fitting

Our job as golf professionals is teaching a player to play to the best of their ability. How much does proper equipment affect that result? Do clubs make a difference? Can a golfer improve their ball striking by changing manufacturers or model types? Does a certain ball work better for each player? The answer is to all of these questions is undoubtedly YES!

Equipment ALONE can not make a strong player it is important that fitting of equipment is made to the specific player. We believe it is important that your teacher or coach should teach you about the effect of equipment on your performance. Today, there is additional information available on the equipment company’s website that details the benefits of each club model. You can, and should, read and compare! We would encourage you to try out equipment through demo days or demo clubs from golf shops on the course.

Find out if your instructor is signed up for the PGA Trade-In Network site. PGA Trade-In is a program that identifies the value of your used clubs so that they can be traded in and the credit applied to your new set of clubs. All trade-in values are based on sales of golf clubs on EBay. This is a great way to sell your old clubs quickly and get credit for a new set of clubs at a fair price!

Correctly fit equipment does help you enjoy the game and will improve your ball sticking. Check with us at Mary Hafeman Golf Experience - we want to help you find the clubs that work for you. We guarantee our service to improve your golf game. Contact us today and get your game where it was meant to be.

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