Drills – Why are they so important?

What do drills really do for your game? Instructors work with the students to identify areas which need improvement. The instructors will provide you with drills or exercises which will help you with your specific situation. Here’s why I believe drills are so critical to use correctly in your practice time.

When drills are correctly incorporated into your practice sessions, drills executed properly can greatly speed up your improvement, because they can help you use your time productively and efficiently without supervision.

What do drills do for you?

1. Drills are used to develop motion in which the arms swing feely without tension.
2. Drills create the ability to build pace (speed) and direct that motion within the swing.
3. Drills develop proper body action in relation to the arm swing (timing).
4. Drills create the maximum amount of motion for the greatest clubhead speed while maintaining the relationship of arm, body motion and balance.


The purpose of drills if four-fold:
  • To break down bad habits as quickly as possible.
  • To identify the correct pattern of movement in the swing.
  • To build correct movement and help you become familiar with the feeling.
  • To maintain good habits once you have formed them and keep your muscles in tone.
Ask your instructor for a drill to help you improve your game faster. Drills are fun and specific. They give you direction on what to work on, constant feedback and a feeling of accomplishment when you see results on what you are working on! Now that is what we are all looking for in our game – positive results.

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