Maximizing the Use of a Hybrid Club

Hybrids are a very popular club today, everyone has one - but what hybrid club do you have? Let me help you identify your hybrid club and explain the correct set up to maximize the effective use of the hybrid which ultimately will lead to a lower score for you!

Hybrids have become a “must have” club in your bag. They are incredibly useful and versatile club. You can chip with a hybrid, hit long low shots or carry shots, and hybrids are a great replacement of your traditional longer irons.

However, there are a few different looking hybrids. You can identify your hybrid if it is a wood hybrid or an iron hybrid by looking at the design of the hybrid. If the hybrid shape looks more of a wood shape (a wood has a more rounded profile), then the hybrid is a wood which is more set up for a sweeping wood swing, playing the ball off the inside of your forward foot. If the face looks like an iron then it is designed to be hit like an iron shot, hitting down on the ball. The majority of hybrids you find on the marketplace are designed more like an iron than wood.

I like to set up my iron hybrids similar to my long irons. Place the ball just slightly forward of where you played a three or four iron in your stance. A hybrid 3 is about an inch longer than the traditional 3 iron so you need to position the hybrid 3 just forward of its lowest swing arc – helping you hit down and through the ball. In addition, you will be standing slightly farther away from the ball because of the hybrid’s extra length. Check your hybrid 3 against your traditional 3 iron for the exact adjustment.

Hybrids hit correctly will give you additional benefits and versatility. My suggestion is to try out on the range and course several brands of hybrid that look and feel good to you. Knowing what to look for and how to correctly hit them will be very beneficial to you and your game. If you want to learn more and understand how to get the most out of your hybrids and game, contact Mary Hafeman Golf Experience for more information. We guarantee you’ll be happy with your results.

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