Lower Your Score: Learn to Chip

Almost every club can be used for chipping, but most chipping is done with your 7, 8, 9 or pitching wedges. A chip shot is usually a low trajectory shot that allows the ball to roll towards the hole. When chipping you are trying to hit the ball either on the green or close to the green, depending on how much roll you need to get the ball to the hole. Keep your feet close together, your weight favoring your left foot for right hand golfers, use very little body motion, and stand slightly open with your feet. Let your arms and hands do the work, feel like you are swinging the club with little or no wrist break. Take the club back low and parallel to the intended line of flight of the ball. Using a short back swing, contact the ball by hitting slightly down and through the ball. The follow through should be short also but slightly longer than the backswing.

Take the time to get out to the course a little earlier before your tee time in order to practice these most important shots. If you want to lower your score, learn to be a great chipper and you’ll soon see your scores drop and your confidence rise.

Sign up for one of our various clinics or instructional programs from Mary Hafeman Golf Experience - we will teach you how to chip and when to use this shot to your advantage. It will be a very worthwhile experience for you.

If you want to learn more contact me via email mhafe@aol.com or 904-233-0989.

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