Tip #1 for Bunker Shots

I know all of you have been in a bunker and wondered now what do I do? “How do I get out of those bunkers?” Probably the hardest thing to overcome is one’s fear of bunker shots.

Fear is the great inhibitor; it causes tightness, uncertainty and loss of confidence. The way to erase the fear of a bunker shot is to understand the principles behind executing the shot and practice until you have enough confidence in a method that you know will get the ball out.

Visualizing a successful result is one of the first steps in playing the shot. Fear of making a mistake produces muscular tension and the tension causes the muscles to tighten up which inhibits your swing and reduces your chances of making a positive shot. Thinking negatively and seeing a poor mental picture destroys ones ability to make a good swing out of a bunker. You must stay loose and relaxed, that comes only when you know you can successfully execute the shot.

Here is a basic technique for a greenside bunker with the ball setting up.

1. Establish a firm footing that will support the swing without slipping.

2. Take an open stance to restrict your back swing length and to steepen your swing.

3. Open the clubface to match the address position (your feet are set open).

4. Start with your weight favoring your left side at address.

5. Swing the club like a full cut pitch shot matching the length of your back swing and the follow through to the force needed for that shot.

6. Strike the sand slightly behind the ball (at times it could be 2 inches behind)

7. Hold the clubface open through the shot. Do not let the clubface close until after impact if at all.

8. Continue to accelerate through the ball to the natural finish. Your weight should be on your left foot as in other golf shots.

Practice your bunker shots whenever you can. You will see better results which will help you build your confidence that you can do it. Then when you see your ball in the bunker and someone says to you “Wow now what do you do in that bunker?” You smile wide and say “It's no problem, I love the bunker shots”.

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